Our Beer

There will always be something on tap for everyone at Little House. While we're only a 3bbl brewhouse, our cellar clocks in at 30bbls. This gives us the flexibility to continually experiment, while having ample room to keep your favorites on tap! Here are just a few of our beers...

little house brewing company honey kolsch.jpeg


Sleepy Bee - Honey Kölsch

ABV: 5.2%     IBU: 22     SRM: 4.3

Sleepy Bee is one of the first beers that Sam started to brew: now perfected, this beer drinks true-to-style, with just a hint of the local honey we added. It's the perfect companion to a warm spring day, and has a habit for abruptly disappearing from one's glass.

little house brewing company tripel.jpeg



Send It! - Belgian Tripel

ABV: 9%     IBU: 25    SRM: 5.2

This Belgian Tripel is as traditional as we can make it and is named for a home-brew that failed to make the journey from Minnesota to Connecticut back in 2015. Fair Warning: The higher alcohol content has been known to hide behind these bold but balanced flavors.

little house brewing company milk and honey stout.jpeg


Mini-Bear - Milk & Honey Stout

ABV: 6%     IBU: 38    SRM: 34

For those days in Spring where you wake up to five inches of fresh snow on the ground...Carlisle's brewing prowess is on display with this one - it's rich, roasty, and complex, but pretty damn balanced for a beer that was just brewed for the first time. Despite the rich flavor and liberal use of lactose, Mini-Bear is small enough that you won't be stopped dead in your tracks after encountering it!